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Special Areas

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Help your child find the right book! Find a book:

Scholastic Book Wizard

How can I help by beginning reader?
Reading Comprehension Questions
Reading Strategy Strip
How can I support my reader at home?

Make Reading Fun
How can I support my child as a reader?

  • Read AROUND them- they will be more motivated to read themselves, if they see you reading too!
    • Newspapers
    • Magazines
    • Cereal Boxes
      Instructional Manuals
    • Recipes
  • Read To them
    • Look for books you will enjoy reading aloud. Enthusiasm is contagious!
    • If your child doesn't like a book, put it away! Reading aloud is meant to instill a love of reading. It should be a treat, not a task for you both.
  • Read WITH them
    • When your child has difficulty with a word, wait a few seconds before prompting them, in order to allow time for them to problem-solve. You can then prompt them to try a strategy before they ask you what the word is.
  • Play with WORDS
    • Word Work activities
      • Write the words in shaving cream on a table
      • Trace the words in sand
      • Build the words with a small food item (Cheerios, goldfish, etc.)
      • Rainbow words- Trace each letter in the word with a different color crayon